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5th November, 2021

Benefits of Playing With Your Kids

After a long day at work, it can be hard to find the energy to play with your kids. But this time is precious and vital to their development. Unlike unstructured play time with siblings or friends, play time with a parent or other loving adult offers some very special...

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2nd November, 2021

Kids Fall Crafts

As the weather cools and the leaves begin to change, get your kids in the spirit of the season with these family-friendly fall crafts!   Build a Haunted House Gather the craft supplies and safety scissors! Create a spooky haunted house from construction paper! Cut out bats, cats, ghouls and...

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1st November, 2021

Mindfulness for Kids

As schools continue with distance learning, many families are feeling the stress of being cooped up. Keeping kids engaged and entertained while working and schooling from home can be stressful! By exemplifying mindfulness and teaching these skills to your kids, you’ll equip them with the ability to self-sooth, emotionally regulate...

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25th October, 2021

Kids’ STEM Games

The future is in STEM and if you want to give your kids an edge and get them engaged early, these games will be a surefire hit for you and the kids! UNGLINGA Kids Science Kit This chemistry kit is a great buy for younger children. Packed with test tubes,...

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21st October, 2021

Top Parenting Podcasts

51 million people tuned into podcasts in 2019, and with the pandemic, millions more have tuned in during 2020. The podcasts available on your play store are vast in topic and abundance, but parenting podcast popularity is on the rise!   Podcasts can feel like an intimate conversation rather than...

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19th October, 2021

Top 5 Learning Apps for Kids

Keeping kids engaged in learning can be a real struggle. It’s even more challenging with the competition of the thousands of mobile games available. We’ve gathered some of the best learning apps available that will keep your kids entertained and educated. These top picks put the fun in fundamentals! Epic!...

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3rd October, 2021

Help Your Kids Concentrate

With so much going on in the world, it’s no wonder some kids are easily distracted in school and at home. In any normal year, kids can struggle to remain on task. But this school year may be drastically different, with disruptions presenting brand new struggles. Concentration, like any skill,...

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2nd October, 2021

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Kids are spending more and more time online, and safety is a serious concern for many parents. We’ve got some great tips on what to talk to your kids about when it comes to keeping them safe online.   Personal Information Know what information should not be given out. Passwords,...

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